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Store Assistant – Nights Shift – Birmingham Jobs

Store Assistant - Nights Shift - Birmingham Jobs

Store Assistant – Nights Shift – Birmingham Jobs

Company Details:

Reimagine Retail:

Asda has consistently sought out fresh, improved methods of doing things. In 1989, we revolutionised supermarkets with the introduction of George – the first supermarket clothing retailer in the UK. Even now, thirty years later, we regularly incorporate new concepts into our operations.

Robotic pickers that can figure out the quickest paths across our warehouses are available. a new fleet of eco-friendly delivery vehicles driven by electricity. Two new sustainable concept stores have been created by us. For in-store use, we are developing Bluetooth-enabled applications.

But even though Asda is constantly rethinking retail, one thing never changes: our dedication to improving the lives of our customers.

Reimagine Online Retail:

Since March 2020, our online grocery delivery business has grown steadily, and even when we emerge from lockdown, we don’t anticipate a slowdown. In order to provide the finest online shopping experience to more than 1 million customers each week, we are redesigning our store roles.

In hundreds of our stores, we have a variety of brand-new positions, including Operations Manager, Online Trading Manager, Foodhall Trading Manager, Store Assistant and Night Section Manager.

Not to add, we’re constantly looking for Online Service Associates, Store Assistant and Customer Delivery Associates to represent our expanding online purchasing experience.


The only thing that never changes in our line of work, therefore it’s a good thing we welcome it. We are constantly expanding, enhancing, and rethinking every aspect of our business. We dislike remaining still.

We also don’t place a premium on formality. Regardless of their position, Asda employees are approachable and real. We take pleasure in being honest with one other and are all quite laid back. We think that working together and being on the same page will produce the greatest outcomes.

Being the most dependable merchant is our goal.

We assist our clients in

  • “saving money.”
  • Better living
  • We emphasise providing excellent customer service
  • respecting individuals
  • pursuing greatness, and acting morally.

Opportunities and Advancement:

There are two key reasons why people stay with Asda for a long time. First of all, this sort of magnitude in food retail definitely catches your attention. The fact that Asda offers such a wide variety of flexible job options is the second factor.

People might begin in a temporary position on the shop floor and wind up managing a department at the headquarters. From finance to operations, from procurement to HR, people move. Here, anything is conceivable. There is a tonne of space and things huge discover. If you tend to say yes to things, you can always advance in your profession or go to an entirely other field.

Big Business:

One of the largest major retailers in Britain is Asda. From our network of more than 600 shops and online services, which includes supercentres, superstores, supermarkets, Living stores, gas filling stations, Store Assistant and depots around the UK, committed employees serve consumers.

Every week, more than 18 million people buy at Asda. Approximately 98% of houses in the UK are served by Every week, we take in $60 million in income and transact over £ 300 million. And we have around 150,000 coworkers (and you could be another one very soon).

Therefore, at Asda, you must constantly think larger when it comes to thinking big.

A Place for Everyone:

All of our coworkers should feel free to be who they are in this really inclusive workplace. We recognise the individuality, diversity, and individuality of each of our coworkers. Additionally, we work well as a team.

We have established six Colleague Resource Groups to guide our efforts as we work to build an inclusive culture that we can all be proud of. Age, Disability, Ethnicity, Gender, Pride, and Well-Being are all covered.

Taking an interest in the welfare of our coworkers and their families is another aspect of fostering an inclusive culture. Eliminating the stigma attached to mental health and empowering our managers to have dialogues with their teams about supporting colleagues’ mental health are critical aspects of this. In support of this, we actively take part in national programmes like Time to Talk and Every Mind Matters.

Company details


Leeds West Yorkshire, United Kingdom





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Job details:

Pay: £12.20 per hour
Part-time employment
Temporary agreement


Company pension

A complete job description:

Job Title :

Store Assistant – Nights

Location: Queslett
  • Part-time employment type
  • Temporary Contract Type
  • Night shifts are the norm.
  • Weekday Hours: 22.50
  • Earnings Per Hour: £12.20
  • Store Assistant Category
  • Closing Date: July 9, 2022

Job Posting:

You must be older than 18 to be hired for this position.

Are you seeking for a flexible position in a busy setting? Do you enjoy collaborating with others to provide clients with excellent service?

What do you stand to gain?

We provide a wide range of additional perks in addition to a pay that is competitive. You’ll get a discount card for yourself and a second card for your designated user, both of which will save you 10% on your purchases. A corporate pension and an optional company bonus are provided for you. You may find savings on a variety of goods and services, like amusement parks, pet insurance, car tyres, and airport parking, on the “Our Asda” perks website. Whatever your interests, there’s something for everyone.

About the Role:

If you’re searching for flexible working to suit around your lifestyle, look no further than our shops, which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide a broad choice of shift patterns. We’ll work with you on your shifts, however as the position calls for weekend work, we might need to be flexible with your schedule.

Everyone can find a job in retail, whether it be serving customers, making the best pizza, unloading deliveries, or stocking shelves. With superb service, friendly stores, and “extra special” items, we put our customers first wherever they are. We collaborate to increase sales and provide a positive shopping experience.

By teaching you about food safety and ensuring that our clients are served with a smile, we’ll help you develop into a top employee. This position could be ideal for you if you’re seeking for flexible scheduling or an opportunity to advance in the retail industry.

About You:

Our night operation is essential to getting our stores ready for a busy day of business the following day, therefore you must be outgoing and eager to pitch in with your team to produce outstanding outcomes. You’ll approach acquiring new abilities in several fields with enthusiasm. You are interested in offering consumers a wonderful shopping experience, assisting them in finding what they need, and chatting with them as they shop.


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